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Good News for Venezuela — We’re bringing hope!

Even when things are not looking too good in Venezuela – There is hope for children, we are working with local christian organizations to make sure food and supplies get to the right hands and touch the lives of thousands of children every week. Children and adults in Venezuela forming a line to get a […]

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People Starving in Venezuela

According to the las census in 2016 Venezuela population is 31.1 million people and in Venezuela 82% of people live in poverty – approximately 25 million people live under the minimum wage salary ($14 dollars a month) There are hundred’s of public schools in Venezuela that can’t provide a warm meal to students every day, […]

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What are THE NEWS saying about Venezuela

ABC: Everything you need to know about the crisis in Venezuela The decision to send two prominent Venezuelan opposition leaders back to prison this morning in the wake of a controversial vote over the weekend has once again ratcheted up tensions in the South American country. Read More BBC: Venezuela crisis: What is behind the […]

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