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Feeding Centers

We work with local leaders to help remote communities in South America, specifically in the west side of Venezuela, in places where hundreds of thousands of children are eating only once a day. Hearts of hope works with local leaders in communities with devastating social challenges and child malnutrition. Our team welcome any person to one of our local centers and the form a line while the food is prepared inside, that way we have the chance to meet them and greet them, 90% of the people we serve in a feeding center are child under the age of 10. Inside, before the receive their meals we have local leaders and pastors that welcome them and tell them about the love of Jesus… Our local staff make sure they understand the importance of give thanks to God for the provision, and teach them for the first time how to pray.

Our Feeding Centers are the perfect opportunity to show them the love of God.

1000+ nutritional meals are served every week
Sometimes this is the only meal they will receive on that day

We are committed to feeding these beautiful children both physically and spiritually.

90% of our participants are children under 10
We make sure our meals are specifically formulated for malnourished children.

We prepared every meal using fresh vegetables, protein, carbs and fiber.

We use local churches in needy communities
A confortable place where they can feel safe and receive a delicious meal.

Our meals are served along with natural juice beverages, prepared with local fresh fruits.

Our Volunteers teach them how to pray
This may be the very first time to give thanks to God for his provision.

The feeding center is a great opportunity to introduce them to the good news of Jesus.

Our Approach is simple...

We identify the community needs

We identify the area where we will develop our work based on the country, city, and community needs.

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We spend some time in prayer

We dedicate time praying with pastors, leaders and volunteers, while they get ready for the work they will do.

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Where are we located

We cook and prepare our meals the same day we serve! Every dish is prepared with love, we're using healthy and balanced ingredients, and providing fresh, delicious food. All meals are specially formulated to fight malnourishment in adults and children.

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